Clubs and members are always supportive


For over three years, I have gradually immersed myself in Toastmasters not only about public speaking, but also about being a stronger and more professional person no matter what I do. Thus a series of positive things have happened to me since I was laid off by a downsized company in Feb. 2016, one day before my 60th birthday.

Based on over 30-year science back ground, language proficiency and advanced skills in cultures, I re-directed myself to a new career, partnering for business development opportunities between Canada and China in particular, encompassing other countries as well; being a member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of NS, practicing on Translation/Interpretation between Mandarin Chinese and English; and being a Writers’ Council, at Writers’ Federation of NS, writing non-fiction articles in English and Chinese.

Toastmasters International, the clubs and members are always supportive for my professional approach and personal growth.

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