We are making history! 2020 has certainly been a year for the books and we are only halfway through. It has forced us to change everything we do as a society. How we work, how we interact with people, how we purchase goods, how we support our neighbours and communities has all changed. While we are struggling to adjust to this new normal, don’t miss the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you!

In the Toastmaster world, we have temporarily moved our meetings online and… WOW! Up popped an unexpected opportunity to identify and practice the skills needed to project ourselves as strong leaders via online video. It’s true, one never knows when we might be called upon to do an online interview, lead a remote team, or facilitate at an important online event!

Whether online or in-person, we here at Sears have the best of both worlds. We are very lucky to have a large club full of seasoned, diverse members who each bring with them their own strengths and unique personalities. We learn together!

Consider this your personal invitation to be our guest at Sears-Halifax Toastmaster Club to see what Toastmasters can offer YOU!

Click on the “contact” page and reach out – we would love to show you around!

Tracy GatisTracy Gatis, DTM
President, Sears-Halifax Toastmasters Club

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