Welcome to the official Sears-Halifax Toastmasters website!

The Sears-Halifax Toastmasters Club was chartered as club number 1555 on February 25th, 1956, and it is still going strong. It is currently the oldest Toastmasters Club east of Montreal.

Guests are always welcome! See our contact page for details.

Do you fear speaking in public or communicating online?

You are not alone! Fear of public speaking is a very common problem. Even seasoned professional speakers can feel nervous before speaking. Sears-Halifax Toastmasters Club can help you develop the confidence you need. The communication skills that you will learn will prove invaluable in your professional and personal life.

Would you like to improve your leadership skills?

A well-proven program of leadership development will boost your confidence. Let us guide you in a warm friendly encouraging environment to discover the hidden leader within.

Do you want to ace your next job interview?

Toastmasters can be a valuable resource for job interview preparation by providing a platform to practice and refine your communication and public speaking skills, boosting your confidence and articulation for a successful interview experience. Joining Toastmasters allows you to receive constructive feedback, helping you become a more polished and persuasive communicator in professional settings.

What YOU should do next…

  1. Come and visit us at a few meetings. You will not be required to say anything if you don’t want to, you may quietly observe, and get a feel for how the meetings are run.
  2. When you feel ready, ask any of our friendly members about how to join our group.
  3. Spend some time reviewing the materials provided with your membership and find out what your next steps are from your member manuals.
  4. Work with your assigned mentor to begin working on your first speech. Your mentor will help you overcome any obstacles in your path.
  5. As you work on your first speech, decide to take on a few small meeting roles – some require very little speaking from you, some just a few seconds. This will ease you in, and make you feel more and more comfortable speaking with each meeting. Continue to take on more involved roles as your confidence and comfort level rise. You will be surprised how soon you will start pushing yourself into more challenges once you’ve had a few wins!
  6. When you feel ready, give yourself the final big push and decide to deliver your very first Toastmasters speech! Congratulations! Good job! High fives!
  7. Accept your first Toastmasters pin at the next meeting for delivering your awesome speech! You are now on your way!

Just start by visiting us.  Let us show you how it’s done! It’s easier than you think!

Instant feedback

Benefit from constructive feedback. One of the aspects of the Toastmasters program that is unique is the instant feedback you receive after any assignment. The aim is not to criticize, but to emphasise what you did well, and some pointers for improvement for your next step – all done in a friendly club atmosphere!

We have an established mentoring system where experienced club members will guide you through the program, offering help and encouragement. Combine this with a well-proven educational program and a very social group and you’ll soon see why we are the longest running Toastmasters club in Nova Scotia!!

Find out more

Explore our site and find out everything that Sears-Halifax Toastmasters Club can offer you: the format of a typical meeting, the pathways educational program and links to resources to help you develop as an individual.

We are located in the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia and we are the oldest existing club east of Montreal. Guests are always welcome – please use our contact page if you require any further information or would like to come along to one of our meetings.

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